Sunday, May 14, 2006

But That's Just Me... #1

Well that was some lovely bit of poetry up there wasn't it?

A shame it meant shit....

I don't get poetry. Never did, never will. It is the one form of writing that I will never dare try. I just wouldn't be very good at it. I don't think I can write something that I don't understand.
So while I have a great deal of appreciation for writers who write short stories or anything along that line, if those same writers will write a poem I can almost guarantee that I will not like it. But that's just me...

And those last 4 words serve as the perfect segue into what I plan to (maybe) achieve. A column. I don't know how often I'll write it, but I'll try and get some done before I give up altogether (though, granted, I don't have that good a track record...). The column will be called, it just so happens, "But That's Just Me...". And what will it be about? As I sit here in front of my screen typing this, I can honestly say I have no idea. I guess about me, in a way, about things I like. I'll talk about things I've seen, heard, read, played, whatever. We'll just sort-of wing it, and see where it goes from there.

So... here goes.

E3 wrapped up last week, and boy was it great. Just to clear some things up, I wasn't there, not in person. I wish. But I did watch a lot of the live coverage on Gamespot, which, by the way, is a great game-site (there, that should get me my free T-Shirt). So let's do the breakdown.

PlayStation 3:
After watching the Sony press conference I had to get a mop to wipe up the tears and drool. The PS3 is amazing, in all senses of the word. Novemeber 17 can't come soon enough, I know I'm getting one of those as close to launch as possible. The features on this console are just incredible. From high-powered processing speeds, to incredible graphics, to motion sensitive controller, it's got the works. Add to that the PlayStation Network or whatever they're gonna call they're online service, and you got one sweet console.
And then there's the games, aside from the "regulars", Tekken, NBA, MADDEN, etc. There's some nice looking games coming up that I'm really psyched about - Marvel Ultimate Alliance, where you pit a custom team of Marvel Super-Heroes against the cream of Marvel villains, or Eight Days, which just looked awsome. But the best game, the one I am most looking forward to, is Final Fantasy XIII. Square (now Square-Enix) was, is and always will be my favorite gaming company. Their games are always rich, have an engaging story, compelling characters and kick-ass graphics. Final Fantasy XIII is a game that I am scared to play, because the things Square-Enix would be able to pull off on the PS3 frighten me, and watching the (albeit few) screenshots floating around my fears appear to be realizing. The game looks amazing. And then came the real whopper, there's another Final Fantasy XIII game coming out. Yep, Final Fantasy Versus XIII is another game based in the same "universe". What kind of game it is, is unknown.

I'm sorry. I just can't get used to it. Everytime I say it I feel like I should jump up and knock my heels together, or skip, or something. So the Wi--Nintendo's new console, doesn't even measure up to Sony's beast. That is with one exception, control. The Wii's controller is probably the coolest thing in the next-gen console market. It's motion-sensitivity is great, and it sparked some really ingenious game design. From the Zelda-Fishing to the Orchestra-Conducting. There are some clever things coming out of Mario's home. So while the Wii can't even begin to battle the PS3 or 360 when it comes to pure horse-power or graphics in the ingenuity battle it wipes the floor with them and then has time to play a quick round of Super Smash Bros. (With new character - Metal Gear's Solid Snake!!)

This didn't interest me. I'm not an X-Box fan. There were no good games for it (yes, except for Halo. But I don't like shooters... sue me.). And besides, isn't Microsoft making enough money from the 15 other monopolies they have?
The only thing that spooked me was the announcement made in the Microsoft press conference of Grand Theft Auto IV launching on the 360 (which later, Rockstar said will launch at the same time on the PS3 - in your face, Gates!).

So, I'm eagerly waiting the PS3, will probably own one not that long after launch. The Wii seems interesting but enough so that I will buy it. And the X-Box 360, not even a blip on my radar. But that's just me...