Saturday, October 14, 2006

Real vs. Dream

In Icon, as I said, I attended a Writer's Workshop. In it we were asked to write a scene, containing a dialogue - and then write the same scene, but as a dream-sequence. So here they are:

The Real

There was a roof.
And on the roof was Owen. He stood on the roof, the city sprwaled beneath him.
And there was Kaile. Kaile was taller.
"What are you afraid of?" said Kaile.
"The end." Owen replied.
"And when will that be?"
"When I have no more to say or do." Owen solemnly spoke.
"Well, that it is a good thing, then. For there is much more for you to do in this world. And much more for you to see."
"I know."
And Owen turned around, to face the world below him.
And Kaile pushed.

The Dream

There was a roof.
And on the roof was Owen. He stood on the roof, at the bottom of the world, and the entirety of creation spread above him.
And there was Kaile. And Kaile was taller, and shorter. And darker, and lighter. And Kaile was not there. And he was.
"What are you afraid of?" said Kaile.
"The end." Owen replied, in a voice of snakes and mice.
"And when will that be?" the snakes and mice spoke again.
"When I have no more to say or do."
"Well, that is good. For there is still much to be done and said, and more to be seen."
"I know."
And Owen turned, and looked up into the world.
And Kaile pushed.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Icon Musings...

Well Icon is over.

Or at least for me it is. And I had a blast.
I won't go into "What was my faovirte part of it" kind of ramble, as that's pretty obvious. Meeting Neil Gaiman. Nothing even comes close (though there were a lot of cool stuff, you really can't compete with that...)

Check it:

The one that's not Neil Gaiman, that's me.

I also hear two lectures by Neil, one was on his career and his writing, and the other was a Q&A, once again about his writing.

I've also patricipated in a Writing Workshop (not the one with Gaiman...), with some... interesting results, I'll post it up tomorrow...
Overall, good Con, and a good use of some much-needed vacation time.

And I got my Sandman signed. So its worth more, but you won't get it anyways. It's mine...

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I need to borrow Superman...

Allright, this is long-ish so bear with me...

Next week is I-Con (the Israeli Sci-Fi, Fanatsy, Comic, Gaming convention, we basically only have one of these so everything get encompassed into one place, it's basically our Comic-Con, Wizard World, E3, etc. sans major announcements).

Every year they bring one "Guest of Honor" to the convention. Last year came Gabriel something-or-other, so not very impressive (though, they did manage to snag Orson Scott Card a couple years back, but I'm not a fan...).

Anyways rumors have been circulating as to who will come this year, and several weeks back it was confirmed - Neil Gaiman is coming. Joyness abound, as Neil is my favorite living author (Douglas Adams is my all-time favorite). So naturally, I would've sold my soul to get anywhere Neil will be (the Guest of Honor at the Con usually gives a lecture or two at the Con). So it was announced that Neil will be giving 3 "lectures". One about Dreams (the "theme" of the Con), one will be a Q&A and the last will be him reading from his own work. I got tickets for the first two (can't go to the last one due to previous obligations) early on and grinned to myself.

Then over the weekend I find about a fourth, previously unpublished activity featuring Gaiman. A writing workshop. Yep. Neil Gaiman is giving a writing workshop here in Israel. So I'm sitting on nails the entire weekend and all of today (the ticket-order center opens at 4 pm). Come 4:01, I get on the phone for 1 and half hours, straight. I can't get through. Naturally, I'm getting more and more pissed. And then It's time to call it a day and go home. 1 wasted hour of commuting. I get home and still can't get through. At 6:45 I finally manage to get through and..... no tickets left.

This sucks.

So if anyone's got Superman's number, I need to turn back time...