Sunday, February 18, 2007

Where does it go...

Hello Everyone,

I haven't updated in a while, but I've had a bunch of stuff going on, so lets me catch you up.

I've finished 3 and half years of military service (it's mandatory in Israel) and am now back to being a civilian.

I've recently recieved a column at Silver Bullet Comics. The column, "Behind the Panels", will take an in-depth look at various comic characters and storylines in a "Inside the Actor's Studio" type of thing.
Check it out over HERE.

Work on Awesome Storm Justice 41 is proceeding along nicely, and pretty soon you'll be able to check out my first work on the title, letters for Web 18.

Work on the secret project with Ielle Palmer is moving a long nicely. And as soon as we have something to show, I'll be sure to pimp it out over here.

Lastly, check out my ComicSpace page for lots of comic goodies. ComicSpace!

Oh!, I'll be in New York Comic Con! It's a big deal 'cause I'm flying from Israel, so expect a full report when I get back (and if anyone reads this, is attending, and will like to meet, then get in touch with me and we'll make it happen!)

See ya later!
- Itai

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