Sunday, January 14, 2007

Double the Ronin, double the fun!

A few things of note, let's not waste any time:

Ronin, Ronin and Dr. Strange

Well, Newsarama has started a feature where they're (painfully) slowly revealing the new line-up of the (new) New Avengers.
Now, I love the New Avengers, it's one of the best series to come out of the Avengers Disassemled event a couple years back (it's also the first series I started collecting [not counting Ultimate Spider-Man {well, they were started simultaneously}]). So I'm damned excited about this new line-up. Until I started hearing about it. Now I'm no longer excited, I'm baffled.
I've yet to decide if that's a good thing...

So... the first in the new line-up is.... Ronin!
Well, Echo to be precise. You see, in New Avengers #11-13 a new character named Ronin was introduced in a story-arc aptly named - Ronin. Much speculations went about as to who is behind the Ronin mask, with the major contenders being Matt Murdock and Elektra. However, in a move completley out of left field (and hat's off to one B.M. Bendis for that one) Ronin was revealed to be none other than Echo, a David Mack creation which appeared as a guest star in Daredevil. For the full details on Echo you can read Daredevil #10-15, #53-55 and the afore mentioned Ronin arc (New Avengers #11-13). Also, check out the Wikipedia article on Ronin right here.

The second member of the new New Avengers is... Ronin!
Wha? Huh? But isn't... wait a minute...
Turns out Echo will go back to being Echo after the first arc of the (new) New Avengers, and someone else will fill-out the Ronin man-suit. And hey, it may even be a man this time around. Bendis has mentioned a charatcer which has becom a "masterless" samurai following the events of Civil War. My guess, one Steven Rogers, formerly Captain "You-think-this-A-stands-for-France" America. Though I'm probably WAY off, as that's TOO obvious.

Moving right along, the third member of the new line-up is... Ro- nah, just kidding. It's Dr. Strange.
Huh? Dr. Strange on a super-team that doesn't start with the letter D?
Yep! Apperantly ol' Stevey-boy kinda regrets taking on the role of Switzerland in this past war and moves to rectify the situation. I'm still on the fence on wether that's a good thing or not... But apperantly Leinil Francis Yu (the new [new] New Avengers artist) draws a kick-ass Strange, so we'll see.

Ultimate Ronin

Yep, you read that right. We now have an Ultimate Ronin. Which pretty much cements Bendis' love for the black man-suit. Who is in the actual suit, possibly Ultimate Echo, possibly someone else. We'll find out come April. Here's an image for you:

Poor Spidey, you never seem to catch a break...

Do You Believe in Magic?

I saw The Prestige today. And it was awsome. Besides featuring the great cast of Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Michael Cain and Scarlet Johanson (who was there for possibly 10 minutes... shame...), the plot was excellent.
Two victorian-era Stage magicians always trying to out do one another. All that and a Tesla Coil. So, highly recomended.

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