Friday, January 12, 2007


Where is that damnable reboot button....

Ah... there it is.

O.k., my New Year's Resolution (which I made about 5 minutes ago) is to start
updating this blog regularly. At least once every 2-3 days. Let's see how long it lasts.

Let's see, where to start... well a lot of things have happened in the past 
couple of weeks. The most important of which is... I'm getting out of the army. Yep, I've managed to shorten my service, and I am now leaving February 8th. I'm happy, which probably means the world is happy. One can only assume.

The second major update is that I've managed to get a US Visa. But why 
would I need a visa you ask?
Well that's because after I'm out, I plan on flying to New York, for Comic-Con!! Hoora! I can't wait it'll be so much fun, and who knows, I may land a writing-gig somewhere...

Speaking of writing gigs, things are going pretty well at PBR and at ASJ, pretty soon you'll be able to see some of my lettering on Webisode 18. From then I've got a webisode that I am editing, 3 that I'm writing and an ASJ mini written by yours truly.

And also theres.... nope, can't talk about it yet. But it's cool.

Moving on, let's hype some stuff up:

Ahh... Buffy.
Who doesn't like Buffy? In March Dark Horse is publishing a new Buffy ongoing. Now, what makes this so special? Well, it's a direct, canonical continuation to the series. They're even calling it Buffy: Season 8 (the show, for those who don't know, stopped at 7). And what's extra-special about this, it's being written by Joss Whedon. Yep - Buffy + Joss = Guaranteed Goodness. Now get Joss to write a Firefly book...

Heroes comes back in 2 weeks. January 22nd, write it down. For those not watching the show, you should. It's a show about ordianry people who suddenly realize they can do extraordinary things. And not one of them gets a pair of tights.
But seriously, Heroes is one of the best-written shows on television. You should definatly check it out. And for those of you who watch the show, but want more - you may not know this (but you probably do) but NBC is contantly releasing short, 6-page graphic novels which take place in the Heroes-universe. They've even got one drawn by superstar-artist Michael Turner! You can check those out Here.

And that's it for today... thanks for checking me out.

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