Saturday, January 20, 2007

Line-ups and such...

And there you have it.

That right there is the new line-up for the (new) New Avengers, begining with issue #27. Let's walk this over, shall we?

For my thoughts on the first 3 members: Dr. Strange, Echo and Ronin, check out my last post...

1. Wolverine
I don't hate Wolverine, it's just that he's getting old. I don't think the character deserves two ongoings (which, frankly, are not that good [and one should be burned...]), plus appearances in every other book with an X on the cover, AND appear in an avengers title as well. I mean, yeah Wolverine is cool, and he's got claws and he regenerates, and he's all tough-like - but come-on, how much could you capitalize on the guy? Isn't it enough that two of the 3 X-Men movies were Wolver-centric. Isn't the spotlight on this guy enough?
I think what annoys me the most is, way back in the beggining, Wolverine was hired into the New Avengers for a very specific role - that of the black ops man, the guy who does the dirty stuff. That hasn't happened. Wolverine was not sent on any covert missions, any underhanded business. All he did was drink beer and make passes at Mary-Jane.
So... I wouldn't shed any tears if it was suddenly announced that Mr. Regenerate-After-I've-Been-Incinirated-to-a-Fine-Powder is now off the team.

2. Luke Cage & Iron Fist
Let's face it, these two belong together. I wasn't around for the old "Heroes for Hire" days, as I'm fairly new to comics (I got into them 3 years ago...) but even I can tell that these two have a rich an detailed history. And the fact that Bendis has a man-crush on Luke Cage only helps to ensure that these two will be handled properly on this new team. Hopefully.
I do have high hopes, but I have been disappointed before by Bendis (Ultimate Deadpool?!?). Anyways, seeing Cage and Iron Fist together, should be kinda of cool as these two are used to working together. They know each other's strengths and could play towards that. And with Cage being the apparant leader of the team (until we find out that Ronin is really Captain America and he assumes command, that is) the two should have a pretty prominant role.

3. Spider-Woman
I like Jessica Drew. As a character she has a rich and detailed history, with her working for both S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra. And I like her status as a double-agent, even though that no-longer seems to be the case, but it could still be re-incorporated.
And with the storylines that will probably dominate this book - more espionage, something's rotten with the world and we're here to fix this, type stories, I think Jessica will make a fine addition to the team.

And she's smokin' hot.

4. Spider-Man
At the begining I thought Spider-Man should not be on a team. He's a loner at heart, and works best while out solo. But as the Newsarama feature went on, and more members were revealed I found myself hoping that Mr. Parker will make the final cut.
Becuase, let's face it - everyone loves Spider-Man. He just worked with the New Avengers. And with this current roster - featuring more street-level heroes (pretty much everybody but Strage) Peter will really shine through. I mean, besides Wolverine Pete is the most experienced hero on the team. And all of the people on it actually respect him - Jessica, Strange, Cage, hell even Logan respects Peter - he earned it.
And besides, Bendis writes one of the best Spidey's currently around. He definatly does a better job than PAD... Evil Uncle Ben... my god, what was he thinking?

And that wraps up my thoughts on the New Avengers Line-up. You can post a comment and tell me what you think.

On a different note, I want to overhaul this Blog a bit, both in appearance and content.
Content-wise - I am formally dubbing this place as "Intillegent Entertainmnet Commentary" focusing mainly on Comics and Games (though the occasional TV and Movie rants may slip through).
Graphically - I'm pretty much sick of using the Blogger templates and I want to work up something of my own, so if anyone knows how to do that and can give me some instructions and/or help - drop me a line.

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